Macroecology | Global Change Ecology | Biogeography | Spatial Ecology


We are in the midst of a global experiment: how will living organisms respond to unprecedented environmental changes resulting from human actions? Meanwhile, the quantity of biodiversity data in the world is soaring and, despite persistent gaps, we are better placed than ever to understand the processes underlying biodiversity and ecosystems. The overarching question guiding my research is: what drives changes in biodiversity across space and time? My research process involves leveraging novel methodological approaches to make the best use of large datasets documenting changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of species, their biological attributes, and the physical environment across a variety of systems. My ultimate goal is to improve our ability to predict the likely future impacts of environmental change on biodiversity and ecosystems to inform management and conservation decisions.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California Merced. I received my Ph.D in Biodiversity and Global Change from Imperial College London (UK) in May 2013.

Keywords: Macroecology, Global Change Ecology, Biogeography, Biodiversity Informatics, Conservation, Spatial Ecology, Big Data, R, GIS